Mid Year Update!

Howdy all! Wow, what a year so far eh? If 2020 was a beer it would just be the dregs off the bottom of the keg and foam. We hope you're all hanging on for the second half of this year, and hopefully things will be getting better. We know that at Wide Awake we're working to make things better for all of you for sure. Good things are coming! The push for us for the remainder of this year is to expand! You heard that right! While it feels like the entire world is crumbling around us, we're pushing to grow! What does that mean for you? Well, food for starters! More space, and an awesome new venue! The details are still unfolding, and there will be more to come soon! But for right now, we just wanted to hopefully brighten your day with a little bit of good news! More to come!

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